Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Found Grooves Mix

So i actually went into a record store the other day. Its been a minute since i physically set foot in one instead of buying records online, and to be honest i had a blast. It was so much more fun getting down and dirty and flicking through crates and crates of records than thumbing through thousands of online listings on whatever site you use. I was so inspired i deciede to make a mix using the records that i found that day Partially influenced by these guys Diggin For Wax. It was something that i used to do back in the day, record that days finds into a mix and bump into onto Mini Disk ( yeah you remember those things right ? ) for the car, bus and train trips. So here it is. Its mostly on a boogie/disco tip but starts off with some Mary J and Jody Watly.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Broken Stylus Mix

This is short mix on an instrumental beat and hip hop tip. Featuring tracks from Dj Cam, Dj Krush, Hermitude, F & D, Astronomy Class, Black Milk, Menahan Street Band and Curren$y. Enjoy and drop some comments if you dig the sounds or want any more track info.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why Did You Have To Leave ?

Okay hello all. Here's a selection of tracks that I've got on high rotation right now. Sounds from Atlas Sounds, Seekae, Skream, Dirty Projectors, Real Estate, Memory Tapes and a few more. On a rainy day/ indie electronic vibe. Hope you enjoy. Hit

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thats All Folks !

Well this is my last post for the year and well maybe forever. I feel like the blog has run its course and its time to move on.
I've been really lucky this year to be able to travel to Japan and the States and also interstate to Melbourne, Caught up with many old peeps i havn't seen in ages and continue to be surrounded by friends and family.
Definetly going to keep it moving in 2011 and i wish you and all your family the best.
Going to leave you with Moon Rocks Ill Street Blues. Enjoy

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Price Of Silence

POS frontPOS backlabel scan

Price Of Silence was a Hardcore Punk group from South Australia.
This is their self titled 10" that came out on their own label and distribution company Spiral Objective.
I picked this up from Phantom Records in Pitt Street in 1995 when it dropped for the measly price of $9.
What you get is 9 songs of brutal hardcore. Tackling issues about everything from Homophobia to truth in the media, and protecting the planet.
Back in the day POS and anything with a Spiral Objective stamp on it were like seals of approval. You could happily pick any release unheard and know that it was dope.
Spiral Objective were responsible for distributing both Australian and overseas hardcore, anarchist and punk records,books, and zines all over Australia and in the days of preinternet were instrumental in pushing the scene forward.
I've ripped the whole 10" because this is well out of print and i want to share this piece of history with you.
This is going out for all the hardcore kids i knew back in the day. You know who you are.

Price of Silence ST 10"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Coming Soon...I Hope

So i stumbled across this Australian producers youtube channel the other day (thanks to DOOM) and i was blown away by his music and videos. Julien Love has got the whole italo/modern boogie sound down. He must have a serious synth collection. His videos are amazing as well. I've had these all on repeat all day and still not sick of them. Hopefully M-Division Recordings will be putting out some of this incredible music in the near future.

Rap Video Wednesday

Now that im not doing a hip hop radio show i find im actually enjoying listening to hip hop in my spare time. Here's a few videos that im felling right now.

Illmind is capable of being really boring some times but he kills this beat. Skyzoo comes correct too.

Freeway and Jake One just get better and better.

I always have time for E-40 but the Sade sample just hooked me in.

This isn't new but bangs anyway. Alchemist is underrated if you ask me.